imagine a world where community banks grew places by growing young peoples livelihoods -where's that? help youth map supercities? -help girls connect open spaces
what was your greatest opportunity and how did it linkin sustainability goals? BRAC ,, ValuingYouth .. China -who are youths greatest partners in humanity's most exciting decade

web changes economy and job description of everything - examples -houston we have system problem part 3
eg discuss MOOCs and virtually free education
banking eg discuss cashless bankinghealth services eg discuss 21st c nurse as every village's MVP of info networkingagriculture and waste eg discuss eAGRIother eg can we use media to become smarter, more peaceful, communally active, happier with what becomes more abundant in use (eg knowhow) than what becomes scarce (eg consuming up things)? ...

Thursday, July 7, 2016

I see andrea levere of CFED is leading a lot of research . I thought it timely to start a listing of who's doing most on this. One of the projects emerging from world bank 400 youth in development partnetrs is who's collaborating mlost on youth livelihood oppostunities by diferent segments around the world -seems important not to forget development inside usa too - if you have a nomination we should add to listings at please say 

I met Andrea as fellow judges at a muhammad yunus competition hosted by Fiona Wilson where another fellow judge was mary houghton co-=founder of shorebank --the most famous bank for black americans for quarter of a century that rebuilt chicago's south side

Al Hathaway is revitalising baltimore and black youth opprtunities- recently back from meeting with pope francis with fellow faith leaders

Fred Gray in Alabama is the lawyer of Rosa Parks and I had honor of shaking hands with him at a youth celebration event in Atlanta

I have cc'd 5 of the media and technology people in baltimore-DC-brooklyn-NY-boston who believe the cloud snd coding can create huge nuimbers of jobs and who spend a lot of time ensuring black youth communities can seize this opportunity, and replicate ideas from one black supercity to another

chris macrae  washington DC 240 316 8157

origins of global youth include
Chinese ladies will need quarter a billion opportunities for their under 30s livelihoods to 2030 - the critical period of sustainability goals
A chinese leadership quest  visited BRAC in Bangaldesh on 80th birthday party of sir fazle abed - we're all hoping over coming months to share the most urgent advice from the number 1 girls opportunity partnership centre in the world
CFED diary
September 28 (morning)
Opening Plenary: Reclaiming the Opportunity Economy
CFED President Andrea Levere will lead a vibrant discussion of the State of the Field, illustrated by insights from consumers about their own financial capability journeys. In addition, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen will welcome the many attendees of this year’s ALC who use tax time to build the financial security of taxpayers in their communities. 

Heading South to Investigate the Cash Flow Problems Facing Black Entrepreneurs

By Lauren Williams on 07/07/2016 @ 09:00 AM
Next week, CFED’s Entrepreneurship and Applied Research teams will travel to North Carolina, Georgia and Mississippi to meet with and learn from African-American entrepreneurs. While we are there, we will listen to their stories so we can piece together a deeper understanding of their unique experiences and gain insight into what needs to be done to transform more Black-owned businesses into wealth-building enterprises. All of this work, which CFED is carrying out thanks to the support of Capital One and Prudential, is part our ongoing effort to identify the opportunities and challenges facing self-employed African-Americans in the southeastern United States, which are outlined in our new field scan, Unstacking the Deck: Toward Financial Resilience for African-American Entrepreneurs.
The deck was stacked against many African-American entrepreneurs long before they even started their businesses. Most entrepreneurs, regardless of race, rely on personal savings and net worth to launch their enterprises. But according to the 2016 Assets & Opportunity Scorecard, the median net worth of white households in the US ($110,637) is more than 15 times greater than that of African American households ($7,113)—leaving Black entrepreneurs at a significant disadvantage. This severe imbalance means African-American business owners are much more likely to start out drastically undercapitalized and are less equipped to absorb the losses that most businesses experience in their early days. When their businesses survive beyond the startup phase, African-American entrepreneurs remain more exposed to financial risk than their white counterparts should they run into routine business problems. CFED believes that the effect of this risk is demonstrated by the chasm between business revenues of white- and Black-owned businesses in states like Mississippi and Georgia, where the average sales of white-owned businesses outpace those of Black-owned firms by 16 times and 13 times, respectively.
Cash flow difficulties—the inability to cover one’s business expenses with cash on hand—pose a significant risk to many financially vulnerable businesses. Our new field scan is based on a more nuanced understanding of this problem, which is based on our recent conversations with 35 small and micro-business practitioners and financial institutions in nine southern states. What we learned from these experts suggests that African-American entrepreneurs in the South experience a level of vulnerability exacerbated by a preexisting lack of wealth, discriminatory lending, lack of supportive financial institutions, under-resourced social networks and much more.
When we head to eastern North Carolina, southwestern Georgia and the Mississippi Delta in the coming weeks, we will continue to expand our understanding of the experiences, challenges and strategies African American entrepreneurs use to overcome cash flow difficulties and collaboratively explore new ways to address them. To keep learning along with us, join our webinar next week—Race, Entrepreneurial Success and the Wealth Divide—or find us at the 2016 Assets Learning Conference.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Latino youth opportunity - greatest in the developed world too?
This idea of jim kim's sounded most exciting youyth opportunity ever announced by world bank. When one looks at what model of global youth value kim uses it is the Preferential Opportunity Poor model - orgins 1968 s.americas; used by Bamnglkadesh to build their nation; used by partners in health (kim and farmer) to create most extraordininary medical exchnages students have ever participated ion- so 6 montjhs befoirev pope francis 2015 visit to new yoprk to add his voice to UN launch of sustaionability goals i went over to Rome to be briefed on some research questions - eg can you find a university in USA who wants to teach this model

-truth is 18 months the answer is no - be the first
what latino youth opportuinities i did find

the promising wall street investment fund
the extraordinary latino regeneration modele la maestra out of san diego but looking for othetr latino copmmunities to benchmark
jim kins philipino videographer pabsy

who else is celebrating lationo youth opportunity usa

Friday, July 1, 2016

happy 240 usa and happy 24 to china's youngest open space alumn

jargon -maybe your open space actions have already generated microfranchises by a different name - that's more than ok, its brilliantly timely

whereas mcdonalds is a world famous franchise it is macro- it sucks out local value produced to some global shareholders- its how to design service economy to maximise loss of community sustainability

a microfranchise is designed to do the opposite to a markets value exchange - it leaves all or most (eg some open source coders need to keep enough sustainable finance up their sleeve) of the value to the local service team and to rinvest in the local community

note the half of the world aged under 30 today  need microfranchises that are brilliantly efficient and effective as macrofranchises- fortunately the greatest living service franchiser in the world dedicated his life to helping girls build a nation (bangladesh) with microfranchises  Wiki

hi-trust microfrachise networks reward hard work with income to sustain family and peer to peer training through replicated action learning (eg how to save an infants live with oiral rehydration); this entrepreneurial revolution model was predicted by The Economist in 1984 to be the essential social youth enterprise model for millennials to generate 3 billion new jobs and unite around sustainability goals

what went wrong in the west?
my father's boundless optimism got one thing wrong in his prediction- he assumed that as mobile connectivity webs were scaling public tv channels around the world led by the bbc would start a reality tv show search for microfrnachises which united audience web interactiviity with the broadcasting scale that sustainability youth need to celebrate (and redesign education around) -on this assumption youth most popular conversation space would not be facebook but microfranchise opportunity space

in other words dad assumed public tv was a chanel open spaced by world citizines not ruled over by national politicians -very naiive that must seem to some but then my scottish compoatriots who invented tv or in 1748 fre emarkets assumed hi-trust (needed to sustain happy families and communities) was forever our species unique dna

 -note when it comes to technology wizards the open source genius and the microifranchise genius are two sides of emotionalinytelloigence's same coin - in other words what the bbc failed to do now urgently needs to be resolved by global youth coding clubs integrated with conflict resoltuion tools like open space

a global girls network has started a club of microfranchise kindest fanatics linked in by open space debutamt amy chen who takes harrison-inspired commitment to open space wherever she goes - eg in the her first year abroad as well as china:  usa, uk, dubai and bangaldesh and to global youth virtually

- in bangladesh some microfranchises design a value chain (eg bottom up leadership of the poultry marjet) for over half a million village mothers to replicate their income generation and school their girls; the founder of this end poverty and most exciting education  network's 80th burthday party was happening when amy and her china-global youth team dropped in to dhaka HQ; they have been asked back to brainstom global girls opportunies of open space and green tv ending poverty

in dc region the combination of jobenomics and propose to see how far cable tv and global youth networkers can search out and viralise microfranchise good news

 is microfranchise  a solution some open spaces already generate? examples wanted

could we form a club of open space members who want to land the microfranchise open space world series - unless someone has a better location to start this game, we aim to kick off in baltimore in the fall as part of turning baltimore into a lab where any dc expert with an international sustainability solution (or an open education skill) drops in to translate its local application

happy and free interdependence weekend chris macrae 240 316 8157

on a personal note as a diaspora scot in these days of brexit- dont punish the english too much -after all we open sourced a language now only second most important microfranchise to chinese (the exact opposite of macro microsoft office/windows) - The colonies that stretched from present-day Maine to Georgia were distinctly English in character although they had been settled by Scots, Welsh, Irish, Dutch, Swedes, Finns, Africans, French, Germans, and Swiss, as well as English.
As English men and women, the American colonists were heirs to the thirteenth-century English document, the Magna Carta, which established the principles that no one is above the law (not even the King), and that no one can take away certain rights
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

what was your greatest opportunity -and how did it linkin sustainability goals?

... a chat with sir fazle abed- for the first time i became confident that there are sustainability solutions out there for every goal if only girls are linked  -

mobile plus training on brac and bkash from  2010s- best starts with understanding the digiotal transformation of bkash

P2P training on brac before 2010s may be best choosen by practice area
queries welcome wash dc text hotdesk 240 316 8157
If amazon was an youth opportunity's web -what would the main search (choice of departments) look like

NB this is a uniquely meeys listing - come back soon to se it gtransform - text 240 316 8157 to help co-edit

Please hep me with clasifications of the sort of opportunities china and brac alumni want most

For example each type of opportunity then has different profile – and is different if it is within a nation or deleibarately aimed at linking in global youth

1 A youth leaders quest (to un or a sustainability investment or media organization, or Goal 11 city)

2 An internship- subclassify with or without scholarship

3 A youth pitching competition with or without continuing alumni status

4 Replication of a peer to peer elearning module (including how apprenticeships are done by free university – Mandela extranet by partners of blecher and branson)

5 Being youths national or capital city hotdesk to tour of and and the world’s most collaborative partners of Youth IN sustainability goal solutions – pre digital, leapfrog

-this might include cataloguing hot desks to young professional networks since jim kim , fazle abed , soros and prope francis all POP the same type of model understood by professionals who go live with the poor

6 specific coding opportunities

6a already launched open tech youth opportunity spaces- eg give directly is amazing – desperate to understand it regional rollout out opportunity diary

7 forming student union clubs of girls learning economy – with training on value chains girls need to redesign – eg fashion, superstars = or just make it a nationwide alumni celebration like australia’s 10thousandgirls do in co-mentoring each other’s financial literacy

8  projects that have emerged from hackathons and open spaces and worldwide hub competitions of which 1776 is most famous and fortunately in 3 of amys hot global cities Dc Brooklyn and dubai- the other hubs we need to get oportunitiey reporting from include ihub Kenya and 500 women silicon valley- it remains unclear to me wjether baidu headhuinted coursera ng to lead youth opportunity networks- I am also desperate to have translations on what jack ma’s 100 mn dollar education foundation does  (mostofa said it ,ay be possible to interview some high up in branson/virgin to see how they publish youth opps)

Monday, June 27, 2016

Imagine a world where community banks grew places by growing young peoples livelihoods

where does this opportunity exist?

once (before mass tv advertsing) this was a mainstream idea of economists (including kenyes)nd public servangts in open society democracies
today you have to search out this opportunity quite carefully- I write this living in washingtin DC where our next chlpice of supreme leader is Dinald Trump versus Hilary Clinton.  I am nkot tryiong to value characyters - all that i think is obvious is neoither of tehse people has specialised in devekoping livelihoods of girls coming from the most broken of families or the least of communaity support

the place we most recommebd going to understand pro-youth banking is brac in bangladesh and any of teh parters it recommends

brac's focus is on helping youth with the most extreme livihood chalenges - particulat girls , particulary in communities facing the greatest sustainabiity chalenges on  the planet

we welcome hearing lessons from youth in development  concerning brac, bkash or anything that is audited around the same sort of POP (Poreferential Option Poor) model or which ioncludes Youth in Public-Private sectior partnerships audited expeoentially to unite human race back to the 2030 future of sustsainability goals

interestingly innovations in mobile and real network connectivity capable of resolving brac's hardest challenges can be adapted wherever youth are underemployed -it takes brilain innovation and collabiration but mopst of all understand the value of having invetsed 4000 times more in Learning Communicatuons Technolgies of today's bodreless human world than 1946

some jargon words - what is a micrifrncise - how far have we got in The Economist's search for 30000 colabirative microfranchises to sustain the net generation

what happens when the most trusted profesisonals in a ;place's pooresyt communities integrate professional experytsie in:
disaster relief tiurning into development
development turning into knowhow netowrking of  ,low cost ,life crtitical informatuon (eg oral hydration) so that enough volage motehrs can prevent all the most basic causes of infant and maternal deaths
applying loans to the community to lowest cost ways of mother earning a ,living