Welcome to Opportunity Goals (www.opportunitygoals.com). This is a website about opportunity, knowing how to recognize what it is and learning to act in accordance with its nature to be able to seize it and make use of it in a way that will launch your life into growth, success and happiness.

It's about making use of the "lucky breaks" that will present themselves to you along your journey through life and how to see them when they appear and recognize them for what they are.

Life should be an amazing adventure of discovery, creation and success. The potential to have everything we want out of life exists for every person courtesy of the abundance of nature that surrounds us. The problem for most of us is we fail to see the vital signs that valuable opportunities present to us or if we do, we fail to act on them.

Why would anyone fail to grab the chance of bettering themselves in some way?

For most, it is simply the demon of fear that prevents many from realizing their ambitions, seizing their opportunities and carving out a marvellous life that they desire, deserve and could have if only...

Well, in my world there are no "if only's," or "what if's." There are "can do's," and "will do's" and no room for naysayers or quitters.

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right!"
- Henry Ford

Be on the side of the "I can's," and success will be yours when you've worked for it, achieved it and deserved it.

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