How to Read Body Language (Amazing Tips Revealed)

If there is anything in this life that has the ability to speak louder than words, it's how your body moves. Non-verbal communication makes up the bulk of our ability to understand one another whether we know it or not.

Ironic isn't it? That there is something that can convey messages a lot more clearly than spoken language. But it's true. Body language does express more than words can.

If you want to ace life in all areas, you have to learn how to read and master body language.

It's a Skill You Need to Possess

This is the reason pickup artists focus heavily on the art of flirting through body language. This concept allows them to easily date women based solely on how they move their body. This saves them a lot of time and effort.

For a great number of people, this may seem like a daunting task. How the hell are you going to be able to monitor each movement of the body, interpret it, and then keep the conversation as natural as possible?

The mere act of studying the other person's bodily movements may ruin your chances because you could come off as a pervert who can't take his eyes off a woman's body.

Nobody Said It Would Be Easy

It can be hard, especially at first. The inexperienced will definitely have some work to do if he wants to become good at deciphering a woman's body language. But with patience and a lot of practice, this is possible.

Lucky for you, we have put together some amazing tips on how to read the body's non-verbal communication effectively. You can use everything you read here when trying to pick up a girl.

Here's a concise run-down of the main communication signals to watch out for:

Frequent Eye Contact

This expresses interest. If a woman looks at your face and her gaze falls on the area formed by the eyes and chin, then she definitely wants to get intimate with you. A woman may look at your other body parts, so be alert.


This considered the universal gesture. The way a person smiles will indicate just how confident he or she is. A girl who smiles really well, obviously, is confident.

You can almost immediately tell if a girl is secure with her looks through her smile. If you see her smiling at you and doesn't look nervous at all, then you've got yourself a target.

Hand Gestures

When you make your approach and she offers her hand upwards, it means she is letting you take control of the situation, which is exactly what you want. You can decide where to take the conversation from there.

You may have to take things slowly if her fingers are crossed over each other because that is a sign of a not-so positive attitude. If, during handshake, she offers her hand with the palm down, it means she is the type of girl who wants to get straight to the point.

This means you need to get your game on because if you beat around the bush, she may just walk out on you.

Arms and Legs Crossing

This gesture often indicates shyness or being defensive. A girl who has her arms crossed over her chest means she's going to be a bit harder to woo. However, a woman who slowly crosses her legs and interchanges the legs want you to pay some attention to her.


Women do this to get a man's attention. She will toss, flip, and stroke her hair when preening. She will deliberately take the hair away from her face to expose bare skin of the neck, which is very attractive to men.

Calling Attention to Her Mouth

A woman who is into a particular guy will do things that would draw the guy's attention to her mouth. Examples are: licking a fruit, licking her lips, putting on lipstick, and eating something in a slow manner that would show how much pleasure she is experiencing.

These are just some of the many things women do to call a man's attention. If you know how to read the body's unspoken signals well, then you are most certainly going to find a lot of ladies who do these things.

Remember, ladies send about five times more body language signals than guys in the same period of time. This means she is trying her very best to get your attention so be aware.