Mastering Body Language (to Get Women and Give Them What They Want)

When you're aiming to improve certain aspects of your life, learning the art of mastering body language to get women and give them what they want is one skill you need to pay a lot of attention to.

This is especially so if you want to understand why you used to fail at picking up women (or men), end up getting into arguments easily, fail to clinch that amazing job offer or any number of other life fails that have probably run through your life.

While non-verbal communication skills are extremely useful in many areas of life, this article focuses on how they can be mastered by men who want to meet and better get to know that certain woman.

Seduction and Signals

You should be fully aware by now that body gestures and signals play a huge role in attraction and seduction. However, despite being aware of this fact, a lot of guys still haven't gained full control of their body.

This can lead to your frustration with communicating with girls or your lack of success in the dating game. No matter how hard you try to dress well and think of really cool lines that would make girls blush, you always end up by yourself. Or maybe just a buddy!

Play it Cool

Remember, when it comes to women you don't know, you need to give them something they can use to gauge whether you are a creep or some really cool guy. The primary goal here is to make her feel safe as well as feel desired in a nice way.

Women, as all of us know, have killer instincts. They will know if a guy is trying to put on a persona or is naturally confident. They may not be right most of the times, but a lot of times, they're pretty good.

Does this mean they're just telepathic?

No. They can do this because they know how to read your body language.

Never Underestimate a Woman's Ability to Read You

They have become so good at mastering body language that they can tell at first glance if you're cool or not. They won't bother talking to you if you approach them with hands in your pocket, a sly grin on your face, and shoulders hunched forward.

This type of body language sends out red flags. It's either you're a perverted jerk or you're simply an insecure guy trying to put on a show.

Think about the times when you were rejected by women at the bar or any public place. Most of the times, it's really not about your looks.

A lot of it has to do with the way you stood, how you kept moving your arms, how your eyes moved around during conversation, and how you kept on putting your weight on each leg. In short, it was all about how you presented yourself visually.

As mentioned in another article, when a woman is in the mood, she will sleep with any man as long as they are not butt ugly. They will also be attracted to guys who display qualities that they look for - confidence, intelligence, etc.

If you want to seduce them, give them what they want.

Learn to Master Yourself

Getting good at reading, understanding and knowing how to use body language effectively is the first step to giving women what they want. When you know your body enough that you are aware of the little signals you are sending out each time you move some parts of your body, you will become a lot more conscious of the way women perceive you.

It may come as no earth-shattering surprise to you that this kind of information is crucial to your dating success. It also expands into every other aspect of your life.

You better start studying how you move your body. Understand the different meanings each movement makes. That will help you become more aware of your chances with a woman. More importantly, you will know what exactly to do to get women swooning over you.

Time and Practice

Remember, to become an expert at interpreting body language may take time and a lot of practice. You may miss several times, but as long as you keep on practicing, you will soon become a master at flirting using body language.

Want to learn how to:

You can learn all that and more if you're willing to study and then put into practice what you're learning by getting out and doing some real-life people watching. I mean get yourself into a social situation like a coffee shop or a meeting place and observe how people interact with each other.

You'll be in a unique position to not only observe but to understand what you're seeing in real life circumstances. Don't make it too obvious what you're doing of course, but as long as you stay casual, nobody will take much notice of you.

The wealth of learning that is out there for free is astounding, when you think about it. When you're doing this kind of studying, of course you're pre-primed with what to look out for and when you see it, you'll know what you're seeing and even better, will be able to see people's verbal reactions to one another depending on their non-verbal communications.

It's a lesson in life that's easy to learn, free to view and hugely useful once it's been learned.