Hawaiian Prayer Meditation

A great way to help people who struggle to accept forgiveness is through the ancient practice of ho'oponopono, a beautiful Hawaiian prayer meditation for forgiveness.

This ages-old Hawaiian practice to enable forgiveness, serves as both a communication method for reconciliation and a tool to restore self-love.

It can be thought of as a mantra for achieving self-love. Surprisingly, it is very simple to perform.hawaiian prayer meditation

Let's take a look at what this deeply spiritual, mental cleansing procedure is and how it works.

What is Ho'oponopono?

The term ho'oponopono, which is a very Zen concept, basically means to "cause things to become in balance" or "make it right." In the Hawaiian language, "pono", which means balance in the sense "life", is "pono".

The concept means that everything is balanced, so that nothing is off.

You can learn all about this healing technique by taking a ho'oponopono certification course. The best one available right now is by Dr. Joe Vitale (Mr Fire), best-selling author and star of the hit movie "The Secret."


Chanting this prayer over and again is a powerful way for the body to be cleansed of guilt, shame or haunting memories, ill-will, or any other negative emotions that can keep it focused on negative thoughts.

It can be used as a forgiveness practice, with major benefits in boosting confidence while improving mental cognition and related functions.

However, it is deeply resonant because it tends to penetrate the inner monologue of our subconscious over time.

You can try it yourself by following the steps below.


You can "cleanse" your mind by chanting the following mantra, while you sit with your eyes closed. This is a type of meditation.

This is the ho'oponopono prayer:

"I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank You. I love you."

That's it. That's all we need. "I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank You. I love you." It is very touching, especially when you consider how universal these words can be.


These four simple phrases can be recited regularly to help us develop self-love. This is a great way to soothe the soul and to help you forgive other people.

The traditional Hawaiian forgiveness prayer, which is so powerful, requires you to first admit that something wrong has been done and then you must say you're sorry.

Recognizing the existence of wrongdoing is an essential part of ho'oponopono. Only then, it will be possible to forgive another person or yourself.

You acknowledge your love in the final step.

When trying to forgive someone else or themselves, most people mistakenly believe that forgiveness equals total absolution or the erasure or erasure all wrongdoing. This is a mistake because it overlooks hurt feelings that can only be addressed later.


You can practice ho'oponopono mediation by taking a few deep breathes while your eyes are closed. Slowly repeat the mantra 7 to 8 more times. ("I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank You. I love you.")

Allow the message to resonate for a few seconds by closing your eyes. Open your eyes. How do your eyes feel?


If you are someone who is hard on themselves, this could prove to be challenging, but don't give up too soon. Persevere and you may find yourself warming to the concept as it begins to work its magic on you.

When you become more adept at the practice, you will notice its relationship with the law of attraction and how freeing your mind can really help you to attract good things in life.