Ho'oponopono Certification for Practitioners: This is Amazing!

Have you learned how to harness the power of ho'oponopono (Hawaiian prayer) to dramatically change your life for the better?

Would you like to share your knowledge and experience with others by gaining ho'oponopono certification for practitioners from Dr Joe Vitale (pictured below) and teaching it on a professional level?

Well you can! The course is available to buy online and after I've done telling you all about it, I'll give you a special link you can get it direct from the course authors at a surprisingly low one-time price!

But first of all, let's look at what the course entails and why you may be keen to obtain it for yourself.

Ho'oponopono Certification Review

When things are going wrong in your life and it seems you can't do anything right to fix them, infusing yourself with the power of ho'oponopono could provide a solution.

You already know that (if you have learned how to practice it for yourself), but there may be many people that you know that could also benefit from what you know.

It could be that you are currently not confident enough to share your know-how with others. But gaining a recognized practitioner certification from a well known, greatly admired teacher in the discipline could give you that confidence.

Taking your expertise and understanding of how powerful this self-cleaning process truly is to the next level by teaching it to others may be the best decision you ever made!

You may be wondering what the course entails and whether you could pass the examination that it culminates in. Here is a brief overview:

Course Overview

The course has been devised by popular Law of Attraction teacher and practitioner:

Dr. Joe Vitale, Author of the book: "Zero Limits"

The course has been developed in association with healing musician Mathew Dixon under the guidance of ho'oponopono master, Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len. The course itself has been laid out in easy to follow steps in eight separate videos with accompanying guidebook.

Total video instruction time is six hours and forty minutes. The guidebook contains eight chapters of detailed background information and instructions on how to proceed through the course and complete it by taking the certification exam.

The study time depends on you going at your own pace, although it can be completed in as little as one week. It is however recommended you spend longer doing the ho'oponopono certification program to fully absorb all the information and expand your understanding of the process before taking the examination.

Once you have purchased the course, you can download all of the training material from a special link that is provided. You can register any time after receiving the course and get started whenever you are ready.

How to Get Joe Vitale's Ho'oponopono Certification Course

As I mentioned earlier, I can provide you with a special link that will take you direct to the official training website where you can get the course for a special discounted price along with additional bonus material that you will find useful.

Simply click the link below to visit the website and follow the easy instructions on how to purchase and download the course:

Click to see the Ho'oponopono Practitioner Certification Program by Dr Joe Vitale

After that, please enjoy the chance to further extend your knowledge and understanding of this powerful practice and unlock the ability to heal both yourself and others through cleaning and purifying the mental state. Before you know it you'll be filling up your own ho'oponopono classes with eager students and enjoying the fulfilment and satisfaction of knowing that you are helping others to improve their lives.

Applications of this Knowledge

The end game to taking any learning or training course is to be able to use your newly learned knowledge in some way that will benefit you either financially or materially in some way. The most obvious use of this training is to take it in front of other people in the form of your own tuition program where you share your knowhow with a classroom of mature students.

The idea of doing this as a professional service for monetary remuneration is appealing to many people. It is easy to see how the relatively low cost outlay of paying for the course and the time it takes to study it and take the final exam can be repaid many times over with just a single small class of paying students.

What Could Go Wrong?

A problem that may be encountered at this stage where the initial exhilaration of planning to get started with your new business venture is stifled by the sudden fear of the unknown that is experienced by most people when they decide to try something the haven't tried before.

Learning and then teaching this Hawaiian prayer meditation technique is not something to be afraid of, but instead to be embraced.

That's because it means you're taking a giant leap into potential growth and the rewards it can bestow upon you. You're literally climbing out of your comfort zone and stepping into a scary place you're not (yet) accustomed to.

Don't fear the unknown!

Far too many people pass by great opportunities simply because they let fear get in their way of realizing a dream. It's normal to fear what we don't know.

Taking on the something like a class full of eager students hanging on your every word and gazing at you in awe at what you're teaching them can feel scary even before you've taken the first step in setting it up!

What Could Go Right?

As with most things in life, once you've gone through with it and actually started your first class, the first day nerves will calm down. Soon you'll be enjoying your classes more than you can imagine!

To get to that point, you need to get past the point where you are right now. That's the "getting yourself up off your backside and taking action" point, in case you were wondering!

All success in life starts with the initial starting gun being fired and you stepping away from the safety of your current situation and turning toward your dream. The realization of that dream starts with you taking the appropriate action to make it happen.

The previous two sub-headings actually go together kind of nicely here.

You can ask yourself the scary question, "What could go wrong," and negatively self-talk yourself out of the dream.

Or you could lift your eyes to the heavens, throw your shoulders back and yell, "What could go right!"

The answer to both questions will be revealed to you depending on what action you take (or don't take).