The Law of Attraction

We are all connected on a level that is to most people little more than a theory or a fringe concept.

We hear of the Law of Attraction and how it can manifest our deepest desires into our lives if only we knew how to use it properly. But is it real and if it is, how do we know it's real?

We can observe the Law working in a number of different ways, one of them being to connect us at a spiritual or molecular level that we are beginning to become aware of.

What is the Law of Attraction?

law of attractionIn reality, what connects us all is energy. Energy vibrates at an infinite number of frequencies and we know that energy vibrating on a certain frequency will attract to it more energy vibrating on the same frequency.

The governing law is actually the Law of Vibration that gives rise to its off-shoot, that of Attraction.

Being in possession of this knowledge can be very powerful if it is used correctly. Unfortunately for most people, while they may know about this Law, they don't really grasp the deeper concept of its method of working and its deeper meaning. In their ignorance, they tend to lose interest or simply state that, "it doesn't work."

However, for the small percentage of people in civilized populations that do not merely discount it out of hand but rather embrace the concept and focus on grasping and understanding what it is and how it works, the Law is very real. Furthermore, it is working in their lives under their direction and is bringing them the things they want most in life.

The Evidence is There to See

You can see it in the people you probably always considered to be the "lucky" ones, or the ones that got a "lucky break" in life. Some say these people lead a "charmed life" where everything seems to go right for them.

In our mainstream lives, we are taught to despise the rich, hate those fortunate enough to have everything they want, from prosperity, financial freedom, grand dwellings and the ability to travel whenever and to wherever they want while enjoying all the finest things that life has to offer.

Unfortunately, mainstream life is governed by world leaders who prefer that the masses of humanity are kept in this state of ignorance, maintained in a financial state of borderline poverty, working hard every day at jobs that are rarely fulfilling and live in crowded urban sprawls designed to shut off the minds of the inhabitants to the greater possibilities that exist.

In short, we are all molded at school to grow up to live mediocre lives, to expect to leave school with the best qualifications we can achieve to go to work at jobs that will only ever pay us as much as they deem is suitable to keep us in a state of financial dependency.

In other words, civilization is all about the "few" controlling the "many" through the system of money and all the while making sure that the "many" learn to hate money along with anyone who has acquired an abundant supply of the stuff.

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

The crazy part of all this is that most people cannot see it. Of course they can't because society has been designed that they never will.

They are brainwashed by the television, magazines and newspapers to remain in their lowly state for life and believe their only real purpose is to grow up, get married, have kids and raise them as best they can. To lead lives no different from their parents.

This is all wrong. Unfortunately, because the vast majority of ordinary people can't see that it's wrong, nothing changes.

How is it that out of every thousand or so people, a few manage to rise to the surface of the pool of lies and see the truth for themselves?

It's never more than just a few people. That suits the "few" in power because the voice of just a few ordinary people that buck the trend is very small. It won't be heard by the masses because they're not listening.

However, you could listen and take notice if you wanted to.

By turning your back on the media brainwashing machine and training yourself to think for yourself through relaxation techniques such as meditation, you could break free from the mass conditioning. You could start to see the many opportunities that are all around you all the time.


From a moral standpoint, it often happens that those few enlightened souls are driven to try to spread their newly discovered knowledge. This would be a good thing if only the mass of humanity had the ears to hear.

But in general, they don't.

People refuse to be told that their reality is flawed and refuse to believe there is a better alternative available to them if they will only try to understand what it is and then take action to use it.

Their refusal comes from a lifetime of brainwashing and conditioning to believe their reality is the "right reality" and anything else is either wrong, doesn't exist or is some kind of snake oil being pedalled to them to try to take their money.

Like it or not, there is a grand opportunity in that way of being for those that have broken out of the controlling cocoon of society's imagined reality. Some have grasped it and used it and profited by it in a huge way. You probably know the kind of people I'm talking about here.

The few mega-rich, self-made billionaires are among them. Even more mundane millionaires that are self-made are among those that have realized the Law and worked with it to bring prosperity, health and happiness into their lives in ways that the rest of humanity refuses to believe is possible for them.

The saddest part of this great truth is that they are right in that belief. Henry Ford famously said, "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are right."

What You Believe You Attract

What Ford was saying was simply that whatever we believe becomes our reality. It happens because the Law of Attraction attracts to us the things we believe most strongly.

If we believe we will always live in poverty, we are correct because that's what the Law brings us, because we believe it so strongly!

How about playing with that concept and turning it on its head?

The few that have succeeded in life most certainly did this. They stopped believing their lives would never be any more than they were and started believing they were prosperous, healthy, happy and living the life they previously thought they could only dream about.

And it worked for them. It can work for you too.