The Sound of Success

Being successful in life is something I believe most of us would like, but so many never realize this ambition for one reason or another.

That is a shame because with a little application of mental and physical energies, anyone can achieve success in any field they decide to go into.

Achieving the things you aim for, especially when you make use of the Law of Attraction to help you bring them into your reality, is a good measure of what this concept is all about.

Before we look at the how's and why's, we first need to know just exactly what being successful means to a person.

What is Success to You?

the sound of successThere are of course several levels of success and this can come in many different areas in a person's life.

For instance, you may want to be successful in your job and rise through the ranks to become a senior figure in the company you work for. Or your may want to be successful in business and build your own company from the ground up to be a force to be reckoned with.

Or you may want to succeed in other areas in life.

Where Can You Succeed?

For instance, you may want to be a successful artist or musician and have your work put in front of many people or perform on stage to big, appreciative crowds.

You may want to be successful as parents to your children and succeed in bringing them up in the best way you possibly can to see them turn out as responsible, successful adults. Or you may want to succeed in improving your fitness and health, get in shape or lose some weight and keep it off.

You may want to cultivate a successful garden and grow your own vegetables and fruit that you and your family can enjoy. You may want to travel all over the world and successfully navigate through all the cultural and language differences that exist with confidence.

Many Ways to Succeed

There are many forms of attainment that you can aim for. By making use of the ancient art of ho'oponopono to help clear any mental blockages that may act to limit your progress can greatly aid your achieving prosperity and abundance.

Ultimately, the true measure of success and personal growth must be that level of happiness and contentment you experience when everything comes together the way you planned it.

That's because the main unspoken goal we all share is really and truly to be happy.

All these things and many more are part of life and it is better to be successful at them than it is to fail.

What is Failure?

Now we come to the polar opposite of success or the negative pole sitting on the opposing side of your successfully engineered life.

It affects all people at some point in their lives. Yet we see that where most simply accept their failings and slump into lethargy and depression, there are the apparently lucky few that seem to bounce back with amazing triumph.

Think on this interpretation of what failure is:

Failure is what happens when you give up.

Until that point, you cannot fail because you are still working toward success. The fact is that as long as you never give up, you can never truly fail!

What's more, it is actually perfectly normal to experience failures along your journey as life seems to enjoy putting up obstacles in your way to trip you up or block you from realizing the achievements you are working toward.


The people that ultimately succeed in their endeavors are the ones that don't give up at the point of failure, but instead treat it as a lesson to learn from, use that new knowledge to correct any mistakes that are being made and push forward regardless.

So make a point of being determined to succeed in whatever you decide to start and put all your thought and physical effort into success. Be persistent and refuse to ever give up until you have succeeded and you will be pleasantly surprised at what you can achieve!