Personal Growth

What is this idea of personal growth and development that we hear so much about? What can it do for me? If you want to know the answers to these and other related questions, this may be a good place to start finding out.

I'm here to write and sound out my ideas on life, winning and getting ahead of the curve. In a nutshell (as most of us like to consume information) I just so happen to write about personal or self development, growth and achievement in all areas of life.

But first, what of that thing we keep hearing about, "life?"

personal growthLife is a game that we are all able to play, with certain rules that apply to us all and a variety of limitations and free passes that either hold us back or allow us to spread our wings and fly as we choose.

Life can be an amazing journey of discovery, growth and success. Or it can be a hard slog of difficulty, limitation and failure.

Win or Lose?

The amazing truth is that no matter where you are, who you are or what you do, everyone has a chance to change things if they want to. No excuses.

You can win or you can lose, but either way, the opportunities exist for anyone to grab if they know how to recognize them when they appear and what to do with them one they've grabbed them. It has very little to do with demographics or environment, despite what you might believe.

You could be walking along the famed Wall Street of New York where billions of dollars are exchanged yet be completely broke with no job, home or prospects. On the other hand, you could be walking along the poverty stricken streets of a Brazilian barrio on your way to a thriving commercial business that you created out of nothing but a great idea and the motivation to start working hard and bring your vision into reality.


It's no big secret that as little as 2% of the world's population earns about 95% of all the money that's being earned. That means 98% of the population are not making at least what they're entitled to given that universal supply of all good is equally present in all places.

Why is that?

Many great minds have been focused on this problem for decades, but no one has yet come up with a workable answer to the problem. That's probably because there is no one-size-fits-all solution to getting everybody out of the poverty trap and into the success zone of life.

But there is a solution for the person who is willing to accept it for what it is. That solution starts inside the gray matter filled space inside that person's own head. Nowhere else, actually!


Part of growing in spiritual stature is the natural move toward achieving success in whatever undertaking we set out to do. It become the natural minset to desire and to expect to succeed in the end, despite whatever obstacles and road blocks try to get in our way along the road.

I'm going to expand upon that and other snippets of ideas that I've touched upon in this introduction within a series of articles on the various aspects of the subject of growing personally into the best person you can be. You'll have to do some more reading if you want to find out more!

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